I Recently Started Depo-Provera But I'm Not Having Any Side Effects!?!?

Dear Couch,

I just recently tried a form of birth control called Depo Provera. I'm from Canada, but I gather y'all have it in the States too. It's an injection and I'm not quite sure I have faith in it. Don't get me wrong, I did all my reading, but it just seems a little too easy. It has all these great efficiency stats, and you don't have to remember anything for three and a half months. There are supposedly brutal side effects, which I have felt none of after two and a half months, that many women I've talked to have experienced. I'm not feeling overly safe here the last thing I need is a miniature me running around! What's going on in there?!

Thanks very much,

Dear Eh?,

You're darn tooting we have Depo-Provera in the States. We created it! Just how much research and development do you think your socialized medical system is capable of? Squat! That's how much! That's why you wait for us Americans to pay ridiculous prices for our prescription medications. We're covering the R& D costs not to mention the schmoozing the drug companies do to get the ears of doctors in what they call 'education meetings' for their products. They hold these meetings at places like Steven Spielberg's Game Works, IMAX theaters, and expensive restaurants. Seriously! Booze included. And it works too. Whether it's because the doctor feels guilted into using the product or it is freshest in his/her mind.. So you can thank us for picking up the tab on that for you too. And let's not forget the stock holders. We have to pass them enough to keep them happy. You Commies up there in Canada just sit back on your laurels and enjoy, your low cost, efficient, socialized medical system but remember that it's thanks to us and our excessive drug costs, you have Depo Provera.

So you've started our wonder drug and your worried it's not working because you haven't experienced any negative side effects?!?! We agree the World does not need any more little 'yous' running around, sending us little letters but get real! Do you think our glorious American capitalist drug companies would try to market a drug if each and every woman experienced the negative side effects!? Hell No! Not because they really care about you, but rather because it wouldn't make any money! Basically, Depo-Provera has hormones like the pill, but a bunch of them in a concentrated injection. You state you 'recently' started it so wait a while and maybe you too can have those negative side effects but if they don't materialize, relax, enjoy, and go forth towards pregnancy free sex!

PS: Double check with your doctor regarding the time between your injections. Depo should be given every twelve weeks not every sixteen as you mentioned.

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