Can You Help Me Find a Male Corset?!?!

Dear Couch,

I've read your column for a while now and you give some good advice =-) but I'm looking for a web page where I can find a male corset. I've been looking for a while now and cant find anything really, can you guys help?


Dear Aye Captain! I'm Pulling As Hard As I Can,

That vague reference was to the fact that James Tiberius Kirk wore a corset the last few seasons of Star Trek. Yup, nothing has helped with the struggle against old age like the corset. Designed to squish your guts in, a corset provides that hour glass figure for women and a V-torso for men that time, Big Macs, and unused gym memberships diminish. Corsets aren't cheap though. The full deal with quality boning and lacing can easily run you over $300.00. We found you three different men's corset sites but you can find many more by just searching ' mens corset' as a phrase.

Besides the image slimming aspects of the corset, there is a dark side. The Gothic community has long since adopted corsets into it's varied, very hot, wardrobe. Most use them in a safe, responsible manner as the original manufacture intended. But there are those who are into ' tight-lacing' ! These reckless innocents are performing a body modification act as old as the corset itself, ' figure training aka tight lacing' ! Now we know that all corset wearing Goths are not into tight-lacing so get your pointer off that email button now. We're just picking on them because they're the only group that wears their corsets where they can be seen (once again, hot). Anyway, this is how extreme tight-lacing can get and it's not without it's consequences. You just can't shove all those internal organs into an unnatural position and bend your rib cage without something negative. So practice safe lacing before the news media and government try to control it.

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