How Can I Get My Anal Sex Squeaky Clean?

Dear Couch,

I have recently experienced anal sex with my partner. The first time painful but clean. The second... well lets just say a bit embarrassing. I did use the bathroom prior to him getting here, as I know what we might do. ) Is there anyway to prevent this totally. Or is it something that commonly happens so that he might have been more prepared for it than I was. He didn't seem freaked out... however, I was.

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Dear Poop Paranoid,
As we mention in this past article, you may want to use an enema prior to anal sex. This is a hotly debated issue however. Some people claim the use of an over the counter anal enema removes a lot of the rectum's natural mucus lining allowing for increased irritation and even allowing bacteria to enter the bloodstream. Those people who do favor anal enemas prior to anal sex use a reusable water enema system, using just plain warm water prior to anal sex.

Most sexpert opinions give the anal sex enema a thumbs down due to the irritation to the rectum. They recommend taking a poop and then a shower during which you soap up your anus and gently slip a soapy finger into your sphincter. They also recommend the use of a condom WITHOUT spermicide lubricant as that will be an irritant as well as no ribbed/textured condoms. Use smooth condoms with a plain water based lube only. And ALWAYS remember the lube! System Jo H2O Anal Lubricant is specifically formulated for anal sex lubrication and is made under FDA guidelines. Remember to change condoms between anal and vaginal sex. In the absence of condom use (not recommended), still use plenty of lubricant, and keep some diaper/handi wipes in reach. And again don't switch from anal to vaginal sex without washing the penis well.

There's always going to be a little poop involved in anal sex and even some santorum, so you may want to both hop in the shower afterward. As to enema use, do your research and make your choice.

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