My Fiancee Gags and Throws Up at the Sight of Semen??

Dear Couch,

My Fiance and I have been dating for 3 years now. We will be married in a matter of months and have a wonderful sex life. However, since the beginning she has had a severe dislike of the sight or thought of cum. She does not perform oral sex on me and I do not ask it of her, however, having to hide myself after intercourse in order that she not see any of the ' juices' on my erection, is not the most romantic thing. Her gagging or even getting sick is not uncommon. Is there any way to help her get past this. She swears there has been no trauma or abuse before (or after) we met. Is this something that will go away or is there something we can do to get her over this? Having to get up immediately after sex to ' go clean yourself off' is not exactly what I would like to be doing.

Thanxs for your advice

Dear Closet-Balls,

What a horrible future to have, to hide the contents of one's testicles. This is most certainly a rare condition even if your girlfriend were raised by a band of Amish, semen worshipping, child molesters. She says nothing of the sort ever happened to her, but obviously this is a psychological issue. Some possible reasons for her reaction could be a strict moral upbringing, or some kind of guilt over ... semen. Who knows, who cares. The point is not the cause here but rather the solution. And that would be a long and arduous bout of semen exposure. Just yours will do. This is a process called 'flooding'.

Flooding is exposing a phobic person to the adverse (although harmless) stimulus until the mental processes that produce an adverse reaction resolve themselves. Yes, between your cum and her throwing up, this could get messy. Besides the lovely descriptions in the 'flooding' links, let us give you our suggestions. Whack off in front off her. This a good starter for her to see the semen ejaculating from your penis. Next step is to have her jack you off to ejaculation. If she freaks and runs to the toilet, that's ok. As you can probably tell, what we're getting at is to expose her to the adverse stimulus, your spoog, in ever increasing increments. Most importantly however, is to include her as a creator of the adverse stimuli.

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