Should I Have Sex with my Long Lost Blood Brother?!

Dear Couch,

Although I am afraid to ask this question to others...I decided to come to you because I respect your web site. Because of my mothers recent illness - my brother - who is three and a half years older than me, came to visit me.  I had never met him before (except, of course, when we were much younger...then we were separated because of family problems)  He lives on the east coast...where as I live on the west.  He visited me about two weeks ago, and while he was here he made a few " passes" at me.  He made flirty comments, winked at me, and - at one point - rested his hand between my thighs.  At first, this behavior frightened me - made me I've never known  him as a brother...and we do get along very well....I feel that my developing crush on him may not be as " unmoral" as everyone would think.

Would having a sexual relationship with a sibling be dangerous to my health?  What if decided to have children?  Would this affect our children's health?

Thank you,

Dear Mental Toast,

Let's review here. You're mother gets ill and your blood brother comes visiting and hits on you and eventually you wanna do him?!? Cripes!! Even a vibrator named Burt would have more normalcy than this!! We'll just say your self esteem and personal life must be soooooo pathetic to even get turned on by this that those issues need more help than anyone could ever offer. If you're so desperate for an interpersonal sexual relationship as to fuck your long lost brother then we advise you to fuck anything other than him. Hell! Get a big dog!

The only danger to your health in a sexual relationship with your brother is emotional. You can fuck and suck your blood brother all day and the worse that will happen is hearing that little ditty from Deliverance in the back of your head. Of course this will affect any offspring your sick and twisted coupling may beget. Although we always question any religious beliefs, there's a functional reason for a rule against 'inbreeding' by every religion on the planet. With consanguinity of this closeness you might as well forgo the college savings and prepare little junior for a stint on the freak show circuit. You see, all those nasty little recessive genes that your parents had will be combined to give them a 25 chance of coming forth. Do yourself and the rest of the planet a favor and leave this relationship alone and try and seek out a less twisted one.

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